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Smart-Contracts audit - DeFiHacksLabs

Solidity Code Review and Security Audit Report by the DeFiHackLabs Assistant tool.

General Review:

  • Contract Structure: The code includes three contracts: WrappedLYX, Bridge, and AbstractDAO.
  • Code Quality: Well-structured, follows Solidity conventions, and good use of OpenZeppelin contracts.

Security Audit:

  • Reentrancy Guard: Good practice with the nonReentrant modifier.
  • Access Control: Effective use of Ownable and custom access control.
  • Input Validation: Important to check all inputs for validity.
  • Use of Inline Assembly: Powerful but requires caution.
  • Nonces for Transaction Uniqueness: Essential for preventing replay attacks.
  • Vote Manipulation in AbstractDAO: Ensure no way to manipulate votes.
  • Error Messages: Consistent and informative revert messages used.
  • Gas Optimization: Some functions may be gas-inefficient.
  • Upgradability and Modularity: Consideration for future upgradability.
  • External Contract Interactions: Secure interactions are crucial.
  • Testing and Auditing: Comprehensive testing is essential.

Test Coverage from Hardhat:

  • Overall Coverage: High scores across Statements (98%), Branches (91.35%), Functions (100%), and Lines (98.92%).
  • Individual Contract Coverage: Excellent coverage for Bridge.sol and wLYX.sol; some lines in AbstractDAO.sol not covered.


  • Ensure thorough documentation.
  • Optimize code for readability and gas efficiency.
  • Perform a professional security audit before deployment.

Overall Score: 8.5/10