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Universal Profiles

What are Universal Profiles

Universal Profiles by LUKSO are an innovative feature in the LUKSO blockchain ecosystem. They serve as user identities and profiles that can be utilized across various applications and platforms within LUKSO. This system enhances the interoperability and portability of digital assets and identities.

Key aspects of Universal Profiles include:

  1. Modular, Smart Contract-Based System: Universal Profiles (UPs) are built on a modular, smart contract-based account system. This design represents a significant advancement towards true Account Abstraction, a concept in blockchain technology that simplifies user interactions with blockchain networks.

  2. Complex Ownership Structures: UPs allow for the implementation of intricate ownership structures with fine-grained control. This means a UP can be owned and controlled by one or multiple Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs), one or multiple other smart contracts, or a combination of both. This flexibility is part of the LSP6 - Key Manager Standard, which details the technical aspects of these profiles.

  3. Empowering Creators and Brands: The system empowers creators, brands, and individuals to create secure and upgradeable profiles with the ability to attach various types of information. This feature is particularly beneficial for the creative industry, where maintaining and controlling one's digital identity and assets is crucial.

  4. Integration with Transaction Relay Services: Universal Profiles are designed to work with any future transaction relay service. These backend systems execute user transactions, meaning users don’t need initial funds to use their Universal Profiles. LUKSO plans to support early adopters by providing a public relay service, which will simplify interactions with the LUKSO blockchain.

  5. Learning and Deployment: The LUKSO documentation provides a learning section that guides users through the process of creating and deploying a Universal Profile on the LUKSO Testnet. This feature is vital for developers and users who wish to explore and utilize these profiles in real-world applications.

In summary, Universal Profiles by LUKSO represent a significant development in blockchain technology, offering a flexible, secure, and user-friendly way for individuals and organizations to manage their digital identities and assets across various applications and platforms.

You can read more about it here.

How to Create a Universal Profile

To create a Universal Profile, you need to download the Universal Profiles browser extension. At the moment, it is only supported for Google Chrome. Download it here.

  1. Download the Browser Extension: The first step is to download the Universal Profiles extension, which is currently available only for Google Chrome.

  2. Install the Extension: After downloading, install the extension in your Google Chrome browser. This is similar to installing any other Chrome extension.

  3. Create Your Profile: Use the installed extension to create and customize your Universal Profile. The extension should provide an intuitive user interface to guide you through this process.

Report Issues

If you encounter issues with the browser extension or your Universal Profile, report them to the LUKSO team. You can do this by visiting their issue tracker on GitHub here.