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We will provide a video walkthrough of how to use our bridge and provide liquidity very soon.

General info

SigmaSwap is a bridge between the LUKSO and Ethereum networks. We've made it fast, easy and cheap for you to transfer value between these networks.

When you deposit your LYX (or wLYX tokens when bridging the other direction) into the smart-contract, using the app interface on our official website at, you are locking your coins into that contract and, at the same time, minting an equivalent amount of wrapped-LYX tokens on Ethereum. These newly minted ERC-20 tokens use the symbol wLYX and can be traded on Uniswap for other tokens.

And when you bridge wLYX to LYX coins you are locking wLYX tokens and unlocking LYX coins from the smart-contract, which are deposited to your personal native LUKSO wallet.

The Ethereum token contract address for wLYX is; 0x0808E6C4400BdE1d70Db0d02170b67DE05E07eF5

You can always check the authenticity yourself by going to and comparing to make sure you’re interacting with the correct contract.

And if you want to swap on Uniswap now, these links will take you directly to the ETH/wLYX Swap or the LYXe/wLYX Swap



Before you can start to bridge value you need to have some ETH for gas fees and wLYX or LYX tokens. You can trade tokens on Uniswap for wLYX tokens and bridge them to LYX on the LUKSO network.

First you will need to connect your wallet. We will make sure that you are on the appropriate network by sending you an in-app request to change or add a network.

Connect Your Wallet


First you will need to connect your wallet. We will make sure that you are on the appropriate network by sending you an in-app request to change or add a network to guide you to the right networks.

WalletConnect will show the wallets that are installed in your browser, at the top of the list. If you want to use a different wallet you can find it in the 'All Wallets' section and connect via QR code. Support for Universal Profiles will be added soon.


Swap Process

When you click the Swap button you will see the “Pending Process” screen. This can take about 3 minutes, and once the first half of the transaction is completed, you will then be prompted to connect your Ethereum wallet.

The LYX coins you bridge will come from your address on the LUKSO network, your minted wLYX tokens will be send to the same address but on the Ethereum network. You need to switch between the networks in your wallet to show the right balance.


Swap Process

Bridging your coins to the other network will take about 3 minutes, you can see the processing bar loading and you can see some additional information in the slider below.

Burning wLYX

Swap Process

To bridge your wLYX tokens back to LYX you are burning the wLYX tokens in order to unlock the LYX tokens back onto the LUKSO blockchain. In this way, the circulating supply integrity is always maintained.

Burning Process

Swap Process

The process to bridge your wLYX tokens, back to LYX coins, takes about 30 seconds.

Pending Claims

Swap Process

If something happens during your bridging transaction, (for example; you accidentally close your browser or lose internet connection) you can always claim previous transactions. If you have transactions that are not completed yet, they will show up as pending claims under the swapper interface. You first have to complete the pending transaction before you can proceed with new transactions.


Token Limit

Here you will see the limit how many tokens you can mint at one time. This is a security measure and will increase over time.

Insufficient Balance

Token Limit

You need to bridge an amount that is higher than the fee you pay to bridge. The fee is about $10 in LYX + the estimated gas fee in LYX.


Token Limit

If you don't speak English very well we have a couple of languages to choose in the footer of the App, We will keep adding support for more languages.

Provide Liquidity

Token Limit

If you would like to provide liquidity in the Uniswap pools and earn fees, check out our Liquidity Guides.

If you have any questions you can join our SigmaSwap channel in our Discord server.